Eagle Cam

Two eggs!

There are now two eggs in the nest! Belle was turning them when I checked at 8:00 pm. Go Belle! She finished off with a snack of some poor creature. Sounds like a good evening!

We have an egg!!!!

Wonderful news!!!! We have the first egg! One was spotted yesterday evening (Feb 17). There has been a lot of activity and it looks like perhaps another will be laid soon. Currently one of the parental pair is in the nest and resting with head under wing. I will try to capture an image tomorrow […]

Blowin’ in the Wind…

This windy, almost summery, day finds one eagle on the nest and she was staying put as I watched. Perhaps she is ready to lay the first egg!

Hello, Eagle Fans! I’d like to introduce myself….

I will be posting in this blog as we all watch our beloved eagle pair. I am not an eagle expert by any means, just a fan of our feathered family. Actually, I am a parasitologist but I’m enjoyment retirement now. I will be posting about the doings in the nest, of course, but also […]