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The NCTC partners with the Outdoor Channel, providing this live Eagle Cam to stream the activities of the eagle nest located on the grounds of the US FWS National Conservation Training Center. The nest has been active since 2006, fledging several juvenile bald eagles. The eagles return to the nest for the winter season around mid-January, with eggs being laid in early February. The eagles are wild birds and the NCTC does not interfere or intervene, and allows nature to take its course.

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Friends of NCTC | Eagle Cam

We’re very excited to announce that a new camera and supporting equipment have been installed so that visitors have an improved view of the eagles. With your help and support we have purchased a new camera, the infrastructure, cables and new technologies that increased the bandwidth, allowing for a higher picture quality and less buffering. We are so grateful to all who have donated and made the new eagle cam possible and we hope you enjoy and learn from watching the eagles in their nest.

We welcome continued donations for additional equipment and maintenance that may be necessary to support the eagle cam.

In Memory of our friend and devoted eagle supporter, Jo Lennox 

October 12, 1939 to July 19, 2016

Donations Made to the Eagle Cam in Jo’s Memory

“Jo was an unfaltering friend to a great number of people who, in return, loved her unconditionally. Her faith in her church, her family and her friends never wavered. She lived her life with strength and dignity until it was time to soar with the eagles.” — Judie Vajda

“Jo was known and loved by so many. She was a wonderful lady – kind, caring, and compassionate. She loved her God, her family, and her friends in a very special way and I was blessed to be included in her circle of friends. She was also devoted to “her” eagle nest in Shepherdstown and there is no better way to honor her life than to ensure that the nest cam stays operational.” — Sandi Roberts

“Jo was a kind, compassionate woman who loved the Eagles.” — Lynne Doolan

“Jo showed me that you do not have to be seen to be heard. Her love of nature and people can not be measured and her devotion to her commitments were constant and unwavering.I am honored to call her friend.” — Suzan Bell

“Jo dearly loved “her” eagles and I, too, am honored to help ensure the nest cam remains in operation.  I will not see another bald eagle that I don’t think of Jo and her kind, caring nature.” —Patti Ferlisi

“In memory of our beloved Jo Lennox” – Lolly and Jack Ellis

“Mema Jo. Momma Jo as I always called her, was one of my surrogate mothers as you could say. After my Mom, Lynn Riner ( also a eagle momster) passed away in 2012, Momma Jo took me under her wing and always treated me like a daughter. She was one of my Mom’s best friends. I will miss her wisdom and kindness. Always in my heart.” — Carolyn Smith

“In memory of Jo Lennox.” — Jerry Smith

“Jo touched so many people lives and hearts over the years.  I feel I have a hole in my heart now! I feel blessed and honored to have meet JO and be her friend.  I know the love she had for this eagle cam and the nest. So by making a donation to honor her we will always be able to keep her in our hearts as we watch the eagles over the years.  Soar high sweet Mema Jo with all the eagles.  She was the matriarch of our blog and  a classy though old bird which she was proud to say.” — Judy Eddy

“In memory of Jo Lennox” — Carol Schickert

“This donation is in honor of Jo Lennox, our late chief of the Eaglet Momsters. She has been instrumental for years for supporting the viewing of the NCTC eagle nest on the cams. We will always Love her and miss her.” — Loretta Lundholm 


Friends of NCTC member and Eagle Cam Supporter Jo Lennox



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